A blissfully married middle aged male, with three children, one all grow up with children of her own. I just love to cook, naturally a carnivore, hate overpriced commercial food! Dislike pretentiousness, and tend to prepare simple, wholesome food.
I love to bake bread, and this year have started to bake pies with gathered wild berries. Have also started to forage for mushrooms in the woods in our area, food from nature just tastes so much better than anything purchased commercially.


9 Responses to About

  1. Eliza says:

    I love your site! I would like to get in touch, do you have an email I can contact you on?

  2. wina_wini says:

    Hi Richard,
    You have visited my blog site and wrote a nice comment. Thanks for that. Today I visited your site and like it a lot especially the pictures – they are great!.

  3. aristya says:

    halo bapak richard. kebetulan saya liat bapak dulu pernah mengomentari masalah cold smoke. oh iya pertama kenalin nama saya aris di surabaya, saya hobi ngasap.. nah kebetulan saya mau coba cold smoke salmon dan tuna. berhubung ambience temperature di surabaya 28-34 derajat celcius gimana ya cara mengatasi suhunya agar tidak terlalu tinggi dan bisa dilakukan sepanjang tahun? dulu waktu bapak ngasap di jkt apakah ada kiat2 tertentu?

    mungkin ada kontak yang bisa saya hubungi pak? apabila tidak mengganggu saya akan senang sekali bisa bercakap2 langsung dengan bapak tristar yang sudah pengalaman masalah asap dan mendapat banyak masukan.


    • Hello Mas Aris,

      It is possible to cold smoke in the tropics, but it is very costly. It would require an insulated box, an old refrigerator would be ok, and it would be necessary to chill the smoke before it enters the insulated box, using ice blocks or a modified AC unit. It was not worth the expense for my needs. It would probably be worthwhile for a commercial operation where the smoking is done for profit. I would be happy to talk more about it if you want some more ideas.


  4. I wouold like to shoot you over an email.

  5. aristya says:

    Dear mr richard,

    Thank you for reply Pak Richard
    I already had a smoke house with concrete material with an iron door with dimensions of 1.2 m x 1.2 m x 2.5 m with fire pit right beside the smoke house, for producing smoke, my plan is using smoke generator (adapt from venturi system), and yes it’s for commercial purposes, not for personal consumption.
    i still dont get it about modified AC unit.. what kind of modified? it use inside of the smoke house or used to cool the ambience temperature around the smoke house? how about using ice blocks and ordinary fan inside the smoker? its enough to cool down the temperature.
    Any advice from Mr.Richard would be very helpful

    warm regards from surabaya

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