Smoke Cured Veal Breast or Veal Bacon

Veal Bacon Sandwich!

A simple pork-free substitute for regular bacon, lower fat also so suitable for those watching their calorie intake.

This requires a breast of veal, ask your butcher as it is not something normally on sale, mine came bone in and required boning before curing.

Veal Breast bone in.

Once boned, the meat is trimmed into two slabs, and the sides tidied up. I size mine to fit a couple of plastic boxes which contain racks to hold the meat out of the resulting liquid produced during the curing process. The meat is rubbed all over with a weighed quantity of premixed cure which gives the correct ratio’s of cure, salt, flavourings etc. this is available from many sausage supply companies, I use Franco’s in the UK.

Curing Salts with Smoke Powder

Weigh the meat and then weigh out the correct weight of cure, 40g per kilo of meat. Rub the meat all over with the cure, and either place the meat into a ziplok bag or place on a rack in a plastic food container.

Cure rubbed meat on rack.

Stacked boxes

The meat then needs to sit in the fridge to cure, this takes about 2 days per 2.5 cm of thickness, plus 2 days. It will do no harm if the meat is left longer, as the meat is already protected by the cure and the salt.

I left these pieces for about 8 days before taking them out of the fridge, they then need to sit uncovered in the fridge until they form a pellicle, which is a dry skin on the outside. Some people wash the excess salt and cure off the outside of the meat before drying, I have never found this necessary

Cured meat ready for drying to form pellicle.

After a couple of days, you should be able to slice the meat and bag for storage, the following pictures show the thinner piece of meat, sliced by hand. If you have a small domestic meat slicer and wish to use that for slicing, it may be necessary to partially freeze the meat before slicing.

Thinner end of meat, hand sliced.

Structure of meat and fat.

As usual I had to try some of the finished product, it was breakfast time after all!

Lightly fried.Slightly Crispy!Breakfast, Veal Bacon Sandwich with Tomato Ketchup

Veal Bacon Sandwich, with Tomato Ketchup

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6 Responses to Smoke Cured Veal Breast or Veal Bacon

  1. Thank you so much…I am a small veal producer in Lamar County, Ga. U.S.A. and had been hearing about Veal Pancetta and wondered if I could make some of it…glad to know I can…
    thanks again…E. Shimley…

    • Dipu M. Baby says:

      Hi, Not related to your post. But, just an enquiry. I need chicken (1000 to 1100 gm) around 12000 kg at Dubai, UAE (only Rockingham, Stolley, Pilgrim or Green Valley) once in a month. If you have any contacts in this regard, please revert with contact details with price at Dubai to or call 00971+528040656. Thanks & regards. Dipu

      • I am sorry Dipu, I am simply a home producer of sausages for my family and have no idea of commercial suppliers. Perhaps a google search for “wholesale halal chicken suppliers dubai” would better answer your question.

  2. All that pain… and then top it with ketchup??? disgusting dude… really???

    • Haluk Levent Aka,

      Well it was my work and effort that went into producing this, and I rather like tomato ketchup. What seems disgusting to you is apparently not to me. I would never assume to judge somebody elses’ taste, what do you feel gives you the right to judge mine? I would suggest that your time may be better spent worrying about what comes out of your mouth rather than what goes into mine!

      Yes really!!!

  3. Michael says:

    Thank you for all the explanations !! sounds and look great !
    Would you know if Thera any way to buy this ready to eat in the UK?

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