Smoke Cured Cod Roe

Cod roe is one of the richest natural sources of Omega3, this recipe takes the roe to another level, once cured it can be used either on its own or as an ingredient in spreads for sandwiches, on toast, or as a dip for a light lunch.

Cod Roe

Simply take a fresh cod roe, weight it and rub it with 40g per kilo of premixed bacon cure available from butcher suppliers such as (Franco’s). place into a plastic food grade bag and leave in the fridge for a week, remove from the bag rinse under cold water, dry with kitchen paper and place onto a plate or rack uncovered until it forms a dry skin, normally 3-4 days, but can take longer.

Cured dried roe.

Once cured, the texture of the roe will have become much firmer, and the roe can be sliced without spilling it’s contents everywhere, it can be used as is as a flavouring for pasta with some olive oil and garlic, salt and freshly ground black pepper or spread on toast. It also makes great taramasalata, mashed up with soaked bread, or cooked potatoes with finely chopped onion, olive oil and lemon juice, or simply mixed with a little creme fraiche.

Kept in the fridge this will keep for quite a long time, as it dries it will become harder and the flavour more intense

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3 Responses to Smoke Cured Cod Roe

  1. Jay Mollerskov says:

    I’ve always been interested in trying cured roe. I’ve looked around the Milwaukee area for things like botarga, but no luck. I’m anxious to try curing my own now, so thanks for the article! You mentioned at the end that it keeps for “quite a long time.” Once it dries uncovered for the initial few days in the fridge after curing/rinsing, I assume it is ok to keep it in a sealed container for storage?

    • Hi Jay,
      You can keep it in a container, but this may encourage the moisture to equalise and the outer skin to soften. I simply left mine exposed to the air, it does become very hard, but can be grated before use, mine lasted three months, with light useage. I was the only one in the family who liked it’s intense fishiness! towards the end it’s flavour mellowed, but the aroma became more intense. If you have family members who have sensitive noses, it would probably be worth wrapping or placing in a container at that point as the aroma, can penetrate other products in the fridge.

  2. Jay Mollerskov says:

    Thanks! Three months is even longer than I expected it to keep! I don’t think my wife minds some fishiness. She likes seafood of all sorts. Aside from her it’s just the cats who, I’m sure, will have NO problem with it.

    I’ll have to pick up some roe next time we’re at one of the local Asian markets.

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