Turkey, Feta, and Spinach Sausage

Bought some cheap, whole frozen turkey, this week, boned out the breasts, one we had for our Sunday Lunch, the other is in the fridge in a brine cure and then stripped the rest of the meat and skin off the bones to make some sausages. Here are the sausages, fantastic, juicy, full of flavour, cheap and easy to make.


1.2 kg of turkey meat, thigh, leg, wing and trimmings after removing breasts from the  carcass, I also used some skin, as I like the extra textural element in the sausage
100g  of defrosted, chopped spinach, squeezed dry. (weight after squeezing dry)
150g of olive oil marinated, feta cheese, available in the local grocer in small jars.
1 level tsp of marjoram
1 level tsp of oregano
1level tsp of sage
1 level  tsp of dried parsley
3 tsp salt
3 level tsp black pepper
2 cloves garlic, very finely chopped
75g dried breadcrumbs
150ml of chilled water


Freeze the chunks of turkey meat until they become slightly crisp
Mince the meat through the coarse disk of your meat grinder
Add all the dry ingredients and the spinach, and mix by hand until the forcemeat become sticky to the touch, 3-4 minutes
Add the Feta cheese pieces, and the spiced oil from the jar, and mix again until the mixture once more becomes sticky, it will remain slightly shiny from the olive oil.
Stuff into collagen casings.

Place in the refridgerator overnight.

Fry, or grill, and eat and enjoy a surprisingly tasty low fat treat!

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2 Responses to Turkey, Feta, and Spinach Sausage

  1. I have a question. I remember making sausages in culinary school and would like to start up again making some. I have been messing around in the kitchen but the texture of my sausage (chicken sausage) is not turning out like the texture you get. This is frusterating me.

    So my question, why do you wait until the next day to cook your sausage?

    Mine has great flavor but the texture is soft and not binded.

    • The reason I leave my sausages overnight is for the flavours to bloom, I find that the flavour improves overnight with the essence of herbs and spices slowly infusing into the farce.

      The texture problems you are facing may be caused by a number of issues, the first of which is the meat itself, the quantity of connective tissue is important, I try to use dark chicken meat legs and thighs, and also a quantity of skin, frozen and ground added to the meat. It is also critically important to keep the meat chilled, if the temperature is allowed to rise too high, the fats in the farce will coat the protein, rather than the water soluble proteins coating the fat, this will lead to the fat cooking out of the meat and will cause dryness. Additionally if the water soluble proteins haven’t been sufficiently developed the texture or bind of the sausage will be lacking and could cause the softness you describe, this could be due to two reasons, lack of salt, which is one of the contributors to producing the water soluble proteins, or a lack of mechanical manipulation, either by hand or machine, which also helps breakdown the proteins to release the water soluble fraction which binds the meat and encapsulates the fatty particles.


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