Suffolk Oxtail Brawn

Trendy modern chefs, would call this Suffolk Oxtail Terrine, I will stick to what my Grandmother would have called it, a Brawn. Oxtail seems to be one of those things you either love or hate, or perhaps have never wanted to try because of the area on the animal it comes from! those of you who have never plucked up the courage don’t know what you are missing, some of the most flavourful, succulent meat it is possible to cook. This version is lighter, and chilled, suitable for the salad days of summer or for eating in the tropics.
1 Oxtail, washed, dried and jointed
1 Onion, peeled, whole
25g (1oz) Butter
2tbsp Vinegar
1 Egg
6 Cloves
3 Sprigs Parsley
1 Sprig Thyme
1 Small Sage Leaf
1 Small Bay leaf
Salt and Black Pepper
Dust the jointed oxtail with seasoned flour.
Melt the butter in a saucepan and fry the until lightly browned on all sides.
Stick the whole onion with the cloves, tie the herbs together to make a bouquet garni.
Add the onion, bouquet garni, vinegar, and season.
Add enough cold water to cover.
Bring to the boil, cover, and simmer for about 4 hours, until the meat fall from the bones.
Cool, chop the meat, reserving both the bones and the liquid, discard the herbs and onion.
Butter a terrine mould or pudding basin.
Hard-boil, shell and slice the egg, arrange the slices in the mould, add the meat.
Boil the bones in the liquid until reduced to about half a pint.
Cool slightly, strain into the basin.
Cover with a plate or saucer and put in the refrigerator to set.
Turn out when cold and completely set.
Serve sliced, with salad or boiled potatoes and green peas.
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