Duck Prosciutto

Duck Prosciutto


One whole duck breast, preferable Magret de Moulard which is the breast of a duck which has been grown for Foie Gras. but other breeds of duck will do, also it doesn’t matter if they are fresh or frozen.


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Freshly Ground White Pepper.

Coarse Grain Salt without any additives.

You could,  if you wish to vary the recipe, add any of the following, bay leaves, crushed black pepper, crushed juniper berries, thyme, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, brown sugar etc. to the salt before use.


Split the whole breast into two pieces, one from either side of the bird.

Find a non reactive dish or container, which is a snug fit for the two breasts without them touching.

Place a layer of salt into the bottom of the container and lay the breasts flesh side down on the bed of salt add more salt onto the top of the breasts to cover them making sure that the breasts are not touching.

Cover and place into a refrigerator for 24 hours to cure. Thick breasts may need a little longer in the refrierator. If they feel firm to the touch all the way through to the centre they should be ok, if not leave for longer.

Remove duck breast from the refrigerator and rinse thoroughly, drying afterward.

Dust both breasts with the white pepper and wrap in cheesecloth, tying with butchers twine.

Leave to hang in a cool place for a week.

When  they are dry they should feel stiff, if they feel soft in the middle they need to dry a litle longer, a day or two. The flesh should be a deep dark red.


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When sufficiently dry, they should be removed from the cheesecloth and wrapped in plastic and placed in the refrigerator, where they will keep for several weeks.


Slice very thin with skin side facing upward, slice on a diagonal to increase the length of the slice. You can then use like regular prosciutto, with Parmesan cheese, melon, fresh figs etc

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