Lambcetta Update and Recipe

Here is the promised update on my Lambcetta


One loin and breast of lamb approximately 1 kilo, I boned a side of lamb minus the legs and shoulder.

2 cloves of garlic crushed or minced

6 grams of cure No 2

25 grams of coarse salt

15 grams of dark sugar, I used palm sugar

20 grams of rainbow peppercorns coarsely ground

5 grams of juniper berries, cracked

2 bay leaves

2 grams of freshly grated nutmeg

2 sprigs of fresh rosemary


Trim the single piece lamb loin and breast so that the sides are square and parallel.

Reserving half of the pepper combine the remaing ingredients and rub the mixture into both sides of the lamb.

 Place the meat into a ziploc bag or into a nonreactive dish and cover, place in the fridge to cure for approximately 1 week, turning and rubbing the meat everyday.

Once the meat feels firm to the touch, remove from the bag and wash off the remains of the cure.

Roll the cured lamb, loin end first and meat to the inside after spreading the remaining ground pepper on the meat side, and tie tightly every 1.5 cm until the loin looks like this:

Hang in a cool place to dry, I used an old fridge set to the warmest setting about 8 degrees C, relative humidity 65% for about 1 1/2 to two weeks.

The Lambcetta can be used without drying if it is planned to cook with it.

The result should look like this:

Once dried the Lambcetta can be used as an Anti Pasto, the fat is creamy, the meat is tender and has a sweet herby taste followed by a peppery aftertaste.

Regards, Richard

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