Redefining Islam

From an Article In Muslim WakeUP

By Bashir Ahmed Abid

What is Islam? Apparently, it looks pretty odd to raise this question after 1500 years of the advent of Islam because by now its answer should be as plain and simple as this: "The religion that is followed by the Muslims is called Islam" but, unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, during this long period Islam has lost its virginity and pristine purity. The clergy had disfigured the divine beauty of its teachings and polluted them with their lowly desires. Islam that is followed presently by a billion Muslims all over the world is not the real Islam. It is as much corrupted, as are Judaism and Christianity -rather more. Hence, we need to redefine Islam.

The above noted definition of Islam is not enough because it does not answer many important questions. For example, it does not distinguish between Sunni and Shia – two major sects of Islam who, in their beliefs and practices, are pole apart. It should be remembered that sectarianism is strictly forbidden in Islam (3:105). Similarly, it does not answer why the Muslim nations have drawn strict geographical borders contrary to their Faith, which teaches fraternity and the unity of Ummah? (49:10; 3:103).

Moreover, while reading Quran we find that the Muslim rulers are enjoined to run the state’s affairs with the consent of their people, democratically (3:159). We also find that the rich Muslims in the society are enjoined to feed the poor (Combat Poverty) as a divine duty without seeking any reward or self-interest (76; 8-9). Ones wonder where are these noble values now? We do not see them being practiced in any Islamic Society. The rulers are worst kind of despots and the rich are worst kind of scrooges. Present version of Islam has no answer to these contradictions.

The question arises then where we can find the true Islam, which is free of contradictions? The answer is simple. The true Islam is in the Quran because it is this source alone where we can get true and perfect guidance (17:9). Let us see what it says about Islam?

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