Halal or Haram?

The Muslim Ummah seems to have fallen completely off of Allah’s chosen path, instead of following his simple guidance in the Quran, they have allowed themselves to be dictated to, by a self important, self promoted, protectionist and exclusionist group who now make up the Muslim clergy, these people who seem only interested in protecting their own power, positions and wealth, maintain a system which brainwashes the children and adults and totally rejects any attempt to question their teachings,  by the use of fear, accusing anybody who dares to question them of being apostates. They cannot argue their views based on the Quran as they are followers only of Sunnah and Hadith, which sadly are manmade and not the absolute word of Allah. A good example of their work is found in the Halal certification programmes in many Muslim countries, who gives them the right to dictate what is Halal and what is Haram? This is purely the right of Allah. The fact of the matter is that these manmade rules, confuse and complicate what is a simple matter, not just in this case but in all matters pertaining to Islam, their rules destroy the simplicity and goodness of Allah religion.
For more detail on just how simple Halal and Haram are, just follow this link:

Halal and Haram

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