Children 2

 Every day I see my Children I say ‘Alhamdulillah-Thanks to God’. My eldest girl Verity lives in New Zealand and already has two beautiful children of her own, and makes me proud of her independent spirit and her caring, she is one of the most sensible and well rounded, in the spiritual sense, people I know. Although she doesn’t communicate enough with her father! The two youngest, Rachel and Nathan are just 4 years old and are very dear to me in a different way, they are the survivors of Triplets who were born 7 weeks premature, their sister died after 4 days from kidney failure, and both Rachel and Nathan were in Intensive Care for a month before being moved to a normal ward where they stayed for another 2 weeks before being allowed home. When you have held your child as it dies, when you were expecting happiness at its arrival, and when you have spent 18 hours a day with your children in Intensive Care for a month, it changes your view of life and how much you value it, it also makes you realise how special those people are who devote their lives to the sick.


I would like to thank Dr Subianto and his team of doctors and nurses, all trained dedicated professionals for all they did to bring my wife and I such joy, and especially for the ICU staff for all the care they showed to our babies, and sympathy they showed when we had our loss.


Click on this Badge to visit "Rumah Sakit Anak Bunda ‘Harapan Kita’- ‘Our Hope’ Maternity and Childrens Hospital", Jakarta, Indonesia.


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