For the Love of Sausage

I simply love to eat sausages, however not eating pork, I have found that the selection avaiable to me at home in Indonesia is very poor, there are many varieties of hotdog type sausages but few of the traditional fresh meat, cured, cured, or smoked varieties. To try and make life a little more interesting and as something of a learning experience, I decide to try and make my own. So far they have not been turning out too badly at all, somewhat lacking in texture due to the stuffer I use but very tasty none the less, At the last barbeque about 3 kilos dissapeared down collective family throats, much to my pleasure! I would love to hear from anybody who shares my love of sausage making and who have recipes for Halal or Kosher sausages of any variety. 
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2 Responses to For the Love of Sausage

  1. Charles says:

    Hi Richard, Just start making sausages, and home made Italian Bacon. Love your posting thanks so much for sharing. Good to know these can be make without the "Pink Salt". Will try natual animal casing next time. Keep up the great work. Charles

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